Thursday, October 27, 2011

how to open our hearts and minds ?

open your heart and open mind, is one way to create a paradise in your home, with open hearts and minds we can accept differences of opinion, criticism, suggestions and building relationships with others, of course this is very good for us physikologi development in order to create happiness in our homes so manifest heaven on our home
how to open our hearts and minds ?
1. withstand emotional / controlling emotions, because emotions / anger can close our minds and hearts so that it can no longer filter the information we receive and tends to be detrimental to our
2. open in order to think we started to get used to empathize with the condition of others so we can feel their feelings
3. learn to hear the explanations of others

Thursday, October 13, 2011

3 way to create a paradise in your home

how to create a paradise in our homes?
a. determine the purpose of a family,
each family should decide or made ​​an agreement that will be fought. if this is successful will lead to happiness if the failure would cause anxiety
b. fight for it consistently. although on the way there is still a hindrance but sought not to shift us from our primary purpose.
c. bravely accepted the results of their efforts to reach the targets we set, held for the evaluation process then starts again from scratch

Sunday, October 2, 2011

how to create a paradise in our homes

how to create a paradise in our homes
prior to review more in we need to know where lies the happiness, happiness is in our hearts, so to create a heaven in our home is by treating / managing our hearts to keep peace / peace then it will be our happiness to find. a lot of tricks to creating happiness, which we will discuss later in one by one, hopefully this review can benefit us all, amen

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

become a useful human being

understand the nature of life is how we can benefit others, that's a noble man, its presence in hope will provide positive change for others.
if all the personal has a positive role in others it will increase the quality of human life and that as one attempt to create paradise in your home.
conversely if the presence of someone giving a negative impact on others will cause unrest for the environment.
from now on we have to maximize ourselves to improve the personal qualities that can benefit the environment, competing in goodness

Monday, November 22, 2010

quality of life

life is more valuable when many provide benefits to others:
this can be taken if we are always improving our ability to appropriate profession, as well as our role in the community in social life, because actually we are always confronted with two things, professional responsibility and our responsibility to the family, the community around us, if both these roles can we run in a balanced manner guaranteed to give happiness to us, is in line with creating a paradise in our home, heaven is going to happen when able to create a harmonious atmosphere both inside and outside the home, if you are an accountant in your company can become an accountant in the organization social and remained a good father in your home, the balance is what we have to make in order to create paradise in your home

Friday, March 26, 2010

share on fellow

Sometimes we think the money we earn from working is ours, we forget that a small portion is the right of another person entrusted to us to give to the right, who are they? They are poor people around us, then why do we have to give it to them when they are not our brother, of course they are our brothers,
above story describes the feelings of other people share, in the form of heaven in our house this can not be ignored, because the feeling of peace, calm also may result from our neighborhood and to give birth to a sense that the needed sense of togetherness with the environment and keep the one with the another

Friday, February 12, 2010


In an effort to create a paradise in our home one of his business is to manage the pain, because in life we sometimes find that the sadness that usually comes from not fulfill the purpose we want affected, fires, accidents, lost property, vehicle, car or lose a we love, or lose their jobs all that can cause grief
Actually it is only natural that we experience sadness, but most importantly let us not be dissolved in it, at least there are three steps that can be done
1. realized that all events are determined by god, we can only try, to pray, while the only god that determines
2. can be grateful for what we get because it was one of gratitude to the gods is also an appreciation of our work
3. do not have to work hard to get over the grief experienced because we work hard so happens we are increasingly lost in grief, we pray enough and busy themselves with activities leading to improvement so that next time we'll get a more maximal
These three stages are believed able to reduce a prolonged sadness and we can organize future life