Friday, February 12, 2010


In an effort to create a paradise in our home one of his business is to manage the pain, because in life we sometimes find that the sadness that usually comes from not fulfill the purpose we want affected, fires, accidents, lost property, vehicle, car or lose a we love, or lose their jobs all that can cause grief
Actually it is only natural that we experience sadness, but most importantly let us not be dissolved in it, at least there are three steps that can be done
1. realized that all events are determined by god, we can only try, to pray, while the only god that determines
2. can be grateful for what we get because it was one of gratitude to the gods is also an appreciation of our work
3. do not have to work hard to get over the grief experienced because we work hard so happens we are increasingly lost in grief, we pray enough and busy themselves with activities leading to improvement so that next time we'll get a more maximal
These three stages are believed able to reduce a prolonged sadness and we can organize future life