Saturday, January 9, 2010

Money is not our god

"Money can solve many problems but not all"

It's wise words to describe how we live our lives
We need money in life but that does not mean our lives for money, especially in creating a paradise in our homes, our hearts can not be dominated by the money we earn, happiness can not be measured by a lot of money we have, money is only a tool to support achieving happiness.
Source of happiness is in the heart rather than money, this is a logical explanation why there was an old lady can still smile through the day but only has 20,000 in his pocket and a rich man who is always stressful to think that billions of money that will be stored where?
Happiness will be born if we are able to address all the issues wisely, have money or not he was still able to accept with gratitude to God, we are confident of a predetermined fate, always try the right way and pray, this is the main capital in creating a paradise at home

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