Saturday, August 8, 2009

1.Pshikologis factors (such as main factors)

that supports the various elements to create housing that can be delivered happiness of families, irrespective of all the main factors pshikolgis, have mutual feelings between family members, mutual love, protect, support and sense of togetherness to uphold the values that agreed, and wise / clever grateful for what the capital is now beginning to create a paradise in your home. This is described in a family that runs the rules set by each other and support each other have a simple family who has 5 children so that the 06.00 hours that night is that they are happy playing and watching TV suddenly stop the activity immediately turn off the TV broadcast page that will be changed and learn to pray, the voice that crowded by children who play video and voice to be silent. If it happens in many places will feel calm, we can imagine the atmosphere there is electric energy savings enough siignifikan

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